Apple cider vinegar: why it’s great to smell like salad dressing

There are many ways I’ve annoyed my family over the years. Untidiness, using all the hot water when I have a bath (which I tend to think can double up as a swimming pool) and my strange ability to iron creases into clothes rather than out of them. One of the most recent annoyances though is my firm belief that whatever ails them can be solved through the wonderous solution that is apple cider vinegar. It’s so great, it needed italics. I have used this stuff in everything, and it’s the bomb.

Apple cider vinegar is packed full of good stuff. It’s an anti-inflametory, its got antibiotic properties, it has acetic acid in it which is said to help lower cholesterol, it helps with indigestion, annnd it’s brilliant for your hair and skin. So just for vanities sake, let’s focus on that.

Dandruff problems? Are you scared to scratch your head because with it comes a dusting of skin which makes you feel as though you’ve just come back from a mildly disturbing winter wonderland? Do you need to really clean your hair but clarifying shampoos are just too expensive? Well apple cider vinegar can help. All you gotta do is mix one part water with one part vinegar and then rinse your hair with it after you’ve shampooed and conditioned. Be very careful when pouring it over your head. Do not get it in your eyes. Trust me, eyes and ACV are sworn enemies. Massage your scalp to help encourage blood flow and then stick your head back under the water to wash out the remaining vinegar. If you feel any pain then you could have a small cut that you didn’t know about. Vinegar is obviously acidic so if you get it on any open cuts it’s gonna BURN. Your hair will feel beautifully soft and clean, and with occasional use your dandruff will be a thing of the past.

Now on to skiiiin. The malic and lactic acids that are in ACV are brilliant at balancing out your skins natural pH. A lot of skin problems can be caused by this imbalance, such as oiliness and dryness. It also helps soften the skin and reduce redness. Mixing vinegar and water together, three parts water and one part ACV, should give you an effective toner. If your skin begins to feel dry then try boosting up the water content. If your skin starts to peel or feel irritated then keep that vinegar in the kitchen and away from your face. Your skin may just be too delicate for it, and there are plenty of other alternatives which I’ll mention in other posts.

There are so many other health and beauty benefits that come from this overpoweringly smelling liquid and I could write pages and pages about it. But I won’t, because it would probably be incredibly boring and I’ve already bored my family enough. I will just add that it can also help whiten teeth, so feel free to smile a lot more.

See, isn’t apple cider vinegar great? Don’t you just wish it was a person so you could be friends with it? No? Oh…

So next time you’re despairing over greasy hair or feel a little nauseous, try grabbing a bottle of ACV to see if it will help you out.


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