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SP Luxe Oil: Happy hair is a few drops away

So far in my life I have yet to find a ‘miracle product’. Perhaps I’m too picky, or I just don’t get excited enough to call anything a ‘miracle’. Either way I’m not completely joyless and when I find something good I like to tell it to the world! Or at least to my friends and the few of you who read my blog.

I had a sad moment with a Bumble and Bumble hair serum that bullied my hair. Or my hair bullied it. Either way, they’re not talking and if I bring up the subject my hair gets pissy at me and says it’s all my fault.

It’s been a tense couple of days.

However, things have gotten a little better since I found a replacement hair oil at a beauty sale. SP luxe oil and my hair really hit it off.

Now when I bought this oil it was on sale for £5, which is really the main reason I gave it a chance. Don’t get me wrong; it says all the right things on the bottle. ‘Reconstructive elixir’, ‘keratin protection’, all the things you expect a good hair oil to be…but it was really the price that grabbed me. Originally this stuff costs about £15, but I’ve seen it on eBay for £9 (if you trust eBay).

So let me get on to why this stuff is good. I shall continue in list form.

  1. It smells out of this world amazing: I know, I know, we’re not buying a perfume here but this plus really was a surprise to me. You don’t know how many times I’ve just opened up the bottle to simply smell the oil. It’s becoming a bit of a problem actually. The product smells good, so naturally your hair will smell good when you use it. And the world is a little bit better when you smell good. Have I used ‘good’ enough in this paragraph?
  2. It smooths: I use this on towel-dried hair and dry hair and it works both ways. When my hairs damp it gets into the hair follicles and does help even out the kinks. My hair is still a little wild when it’s dry, but nowhere near as bad as it usually is. When my hair is dry a few drops helps smooth it out and define the curls.
  3. It softens: It really does. My hair is naturally pretty coarse but this did make it a lot more manageable, and instead of my comb tackling through the thick frizz, it glided through with a lot less snag.
  4. It’s lightweight: There’s less fear of overdoing it with this hair oil. A few drops is enough, but I got a bit overexcited one day and ended up using about five drops, and my hair didn’t turn into a greasy mess. It also didn’t weigh my hair down, so it kept my hair looking thick but just more in control of itself.
  5. It’s got argon oil in it: You know, that ridiculously expensive oil that is said to be the best thing since anything in the world…ever. So here’s a cheaper product with some of the benefits of this magical oil.

For those of you who want a lot of definition then this may not be the product for you. It’s very gentle, and if you’ve got extremely thick curly, curly hair then you may only notice a slight sheen to your hair and not very much control.

If your hair can get a little fuzzy but it’s not unmanageably thick then this could really benefit your locks. The ends of my hair especially felt a lot softer and I noticed less split ends, even when I’d attacked them with my hair straighteners.

All in all I’d say this product is a pretty good buy, especially if, like me, you have temperamental hair that doesn’t react well to heavy products. It’s lightweight, it’s protecting, and it smells amazing.

Me and my hair are friends again. For the meantime.


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