Beauty tips baby!

Despite the fact that I have a ‘beauty blog’ there’s a lot that I don’t know about makeup, skincare and, well, the beauty world as a whole.

The good thing about not knowing everything is that you get excited when you learn new (and something unexciting things), and tips that seem obvious to some people are life changing (okay, slight exaggeration) to others. This can be anything from makeup advice, to personal wellbeing, which is of course the best way to feel beautiful.
I gathered a few tips that I’ve learnt over the last few months that have improved my beauty knowledge, and hey, maybe there’ll help you too.

1. Mix your primers with facial oil
I suffer from oily skin, so the idea of putting oils on my face is something I cringe at. However, whenever I used a simple primer to prep my skin before makeup, I always found that the foundation clung to dry patches, and by the middle of the day my skin looked worse than before. A smooth base is vital for a natural, clean application of your daily makeup, and facial oils treat your skin whilst moisturising it just enough.
By incorporating facial oils into my makeup, my skin has become smoother, my foundation has looked more natural, and irritating dry patches aren’t a problem anymore.

2. Being aware of photoshopped selfies
This seems an odd tip, and at first a pointless one, I mean everyone knows about photoshop. This is true, and we’ve been editing how people look for hundreds of years. Even Henry viii got caught out when he saw the highly exaggerated painting of his fourth wife Ann of Cleves. However with the increase of casual selfies on Instagram and Facebook, it’s easy to think that everyone has perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect everything. There are now dozens of photo editing software that can be downloaded onto your phone, and it’s so easy to completely transform your face. Here’s an example:

photoshop before

Photoshop before…

photoshop after

Photoshop after…

Now, I think I look a little scary, but the point is that my blemishes are gone, my nose isn’t as big, and with a little more care in my editing, I probably could have made this look pretty natural. The main thing is that all my imperfections seem stronger when compared to the barbie perfect skin of my edited image. When I found out that half of the women I follow on Instagram edit their ‘impromptu selfies’ I suddenly felt a lot better about my own appearance. These women were still beautiful, but they had imperfections-they were just better at editing them away than I was.

3. Have two shampoos
I am very lazy when it comes to my hair care, and half the time my hair is a big ol’ mess of curls and frizz until I get bored and iron it straight. However when I’m washing my hair a few changes in my routine have actually made a lot of difference.
I started using a seaweed shampoo from lush, and although it left my hair extra clean, it was also pretty harsh and the tops of my hair and my scalp got dry and flaky. It was gnarly. I then got a Dove shampoo that was supposed to kiss your hair better and add some moisture to it. So, it made sense to me to just use both.
I wet my hair and using the ultra cleansing shampoo around my head, so above my ears, at the back of my neck and just above my forehead. This is were my hair is usually at it’s oiliest. I lather, rinse, and then move onto the moisturising shampoo, which I used on the top of my head- where my sensitive little scalp is.
Using two very different shampoos has complimented by fickle hair and scalp, and my hair now feels clean without feeling roughed up.

Three tips, and you may have already been aware of them, but these have really helped improve my skin, hair and self image. If you have any of your tips I’d love to hear and steal them. Something that seems obvious to you may improve someones beauty routine forever.


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