Quick review: E45 shampoo (the best thing you can steal from your dad)

Hah, this is why I don’t smile in photos

A few days ago I had to have two inches of my hair cut off because it had gotten gross and dry and split end-y (that is a word in my books). I was probably a little too upset about it and, hey, it is just hair, but I vowed to myself to never have to cut my hair because of its bad condition again.
My hairdresser recommended deep conditioning once every two weeks and I’ll probably write a really boring article about hair masks sooner or later, but until then I’ve decided to share a new beauty product that I actually nicked from my dad.
Yeah, now before you say anything it’s not moustache wax or aftershave (or the stuff that makes men go ‘ahhhhhggg!’ when they pat it on their face in movies. Seriously, what is that stuff?), it’s just a very simple shampoo.
Bleh, shampoo, who cares? There’s a million around all claiming to turn your hair into something magical and manageable and quite frankly I’m sick of shampoo. I just want something that works, and you probably do as well.
So while I was washing out all the junk that they spray onto your hair at the salon, I grabbed my dads E45 shampoo and decided to give it a go. My thievery paid off.
This stuff is for dry, dandruff prone scalps, but the main thing I noticed after my hair had dried was how soft it was. Running my fingers through my hair I wasn’t met with dry, tangled locks along with flakes of dry skin (sorry, gross I know) but instead smooth, soft and tangle free locks with a distinct lack of gross skin flakes.

I’d say that was a success.

The best part is that this shampoo isn’t even expensive. You can buy it here, and you can see for yourself you won’t need to sell the cat to buy it. I won’t lie and say it’s any where close to natural, because it’s a medical shampoo really so it’s packed full of chemicals. However I can’t argue against the results, and if you’re suffering from coarse hair, or dandruff, or both, I would recommend giving this a try.


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