Um, what’s the difference again? BB cream and CC cream

I got a text from my friend the other day mentioning a good deal she found on BB cream and CC cream. It did seem like a good deal. I told my sister and the conversation went a little like this,

“Oh right, um, what’s the difference between BB cream and CC cream again?”
“Well…I mean BB cream has concealer in it and it’s got like…a more natural finish…I think?”
“And CC cream?”

I realised then that I actually had no idea about either cream. I was determined to educate myself and not look like a total moron when talking beauty with my sister, so I took to the internet.
Here’s what I found out.

BB cream: BB cream stands for ‘beauty balm’, ‘blemish balm’, ‘blemish base’, ‘beblesh balm’, the list probably goes on and on, but you get the point. It has a lighter coverage than foundation, but with added benefits such as SPF and ingredients that can be found in a lot of serums. So it’s really good for people with a fairly good complexion who want a little coverage, but also want to add some nutrients to the skin. If you’re feeling the need to use anti-ageing products and are especially sensitive about keeping your skin looking ‘youthful’ then BB cream is a good alternative to foundation.

CC cream: CC cream stands for ‘colour correcting’. Now honestly, I read through a few articles and it seems like there isn’t a huge difference between CC cream and BB cream, except for the fact that CC cream usually has ‘light reflecting particles’ in it, and is more often used to cover redness. On the whole there’s a little less coverage than BB creams and some makeup artists say that they use CC creams as a primer before dabbing on the foundation.
If you want a more natural look or just don’t feel like loading on makeup then I’d say CC cream is a really good way of evening out your complexion without feeling like you’re wearing a mask.

So…honestly I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of a difference between the two, but I think that’s the makeup industry for you. A lot of the time they just bring out ‘new products’ that are just or less the same as the old stuff. Still, it may end up being one of those beauty rivalries where every person ends up having their favourite product, and people go around with ‘team CC cream’ written on their t-shirts and have all out wars with the ‘BB cream’ crew. Those beauty balm bastards.

Have a lovely day my readers. May your faces be blemish free and radiant, with or without the help of beauty creams.


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