123 perfection! Bourjois CC cream

My last article was about CC creams and BB creams and finally working out the difference between the two (there wasn’t really one).
After writing it, I decided that I really should get my hands on a cheapish CC cream to see what all the fuss was about. I’ve tried a few BB creams in the past, and despite a lot of them having a lovely silky texture, they just didn’t give enough coverage for me to get any proper use out of them. I have fairly bad acne and I need something less light and natural looking. The no makeup look is not an option for me. I hoped that CC creams would give enough coverage without making me feel like ‘The man in the iron mask’…but with..foundation….okay bad example. Let’s move on!

Trailing through the beauty section at Superdrug I was drawn to the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream. I mean what’s not to love? I like numbers, and I certainly like things being perfect, so together it seemed a winning combination. It was also £10 and I’m kind of a cheapskate. The only thing that put me off a little was the brand. I have quite a few Bourjois products and I like them a lot, but when it comes to their skin care stuff they end up on the average side of the scale for me. I have one of their foundations and it does the job, doesn’t oxidise and keeps me free from breakouts, but in the end it’s just a bog standard drugstore foundation. It still gets cakey, it isn’t particularly smooth and you have to use a lot of setting powder to keep it in place.
This CC cream though, this CC cream makes up for all of that. I am impressed, and it can take a lot to impress me.

So coverage – how does it hold up? Pretty well actually. I dabbed on a small layer and it blended effortlessly and gave me a smooth even complexion. It covered my red patches and was easily buildable. It also gave me as good a coverage as my thicker foundations, but it didn’t feel heavy on the skin.
It also moisturises like a dream. I generally have oily skin yet it can get dry around my nose area, which is great… A lot of the time when I put foundation on, the product goes on smoothly on my cheeks but clings to the dry skin around my nose and makes it ten times more noticeable. Does anyone else get that? Because this CC cream soothes the skin, it takes on the dry patches and softens them so not only does it cover your imperfections but it helps sort them out as well.

I really didn’t expect to like this CC cream so much, but when using it I found myself needing less concealer, having smoother skin when I took it off, and not feeling that heavy ‘oh my god I need to take my makeup off now, it’s drowning my face’ sensation. Thumbs up.

Bourjois, you did good.


2 thoughts on “123 perfection! Bourjois CC cream

    • Diamantes over Diamonds says:

      I always thought I’d be a foundation gal but I’ve seriously seen the light (maybe I’m being dramatic), but yes give it a try. It comes in three different shades as well I think so there should be one that will compliment your skin tone.


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