Nail art and the Saatchi Gallery

Sometimes in life we can get to a slightly flat zone. The ‘meh’ place. Energy just goes into waking up, talking to people and not falling asleep on the train. One lethargic day passes another, and the idea of doing anything new or creative seems too much effort.
I’ve been touching in and out of that place recently due to all sorts of reasons, and I wasn’t really sure how to get back out.

Sometimes all it takes is an inspiring art exhibition to get back to base, and in London, there are a lot to choose from. It had been a long time since I’d visited the Saatchi Gallery, but it’s a beautiful place so my friend and I decided to have a roam.
Hermès, yep the brand where you don’t pronounce the H, joined up with the Saatchi gallery to put on ‘Wanderland’, an exhibit where you take on the role as a cross between Alice and a Parisian wanderer, roaming through various rooms, each with their own unique theme.

I took a lot of photos. A lot. Here are a few to give you a taste of the exhibition.

You start off in the cane room...

You start off in the cane room…

The cane room sounds fairly uninteresting, but 18th century canes are odd little things. Some were quirky, like the one with a wooden horses head at the end that stuck its tongue out. Some were practical, like the one that hid a piece of chalk and a mini brush in it, to help tidy up a scruffy suit. Others reminded me of Lord of the rings, like the one that had a tidy candle at the top to help light the way through dark dangerous streets.

Into the cafe of forgotten objects...

Into the cafe of forgotten objects…

I couldn’t believe how detailed each room was. You stepped through the door into a hyper realistic French cafe. Inside were more treasures, with screens hidden into seemingly mundane objects. Look into a bottle and see a blinking eye staring back at you. Peer into a teacup and see a spinning ballerina surrounded by a stream of flowing water.

ballerina teacup

lipstick bottle

But Paris isn’t all cafes and fancy canes. With the fresh smell of paint to reach our noses, the next room introduced us to the backstreets of Paris, where graffiti is art.

popart graffiti

There were many other rooms but so many require either a great video camera, or for you to be there to experience it first hand. If you’re ever in London and have a few hours free I’d recommend checking it out.

But onto the beauty segment. I wanted to try and mimic the style of some of the rooms, and felt that the graffiti room would be a great style to try on my nails.

Here's the end result

Here’s the end result

Contrasting colours, thick black lines, and an unsteady hand created a bold yet simple design. I’m still starting out when it comes to nail art so I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything fancy. All you need is a small paintbrush, blue and black nail varnish, and a silver nail art pen. I used Barry M’s one, which only cost around £3.

So go out and experiment. Be creative, be bold, and remember that makeup can be just as artistic as a drawing or a painting, even if you’re as bad at applying polish as I am.


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