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Short hair…I like it!

Hi there, it’s been a while.
Like a long while.
Although you may not have noticed.
But regardless, a few things have happened in the time I’ve been away. One thing is that I’ve cut my hair (you’re probably really excited to hear that) and honestly, short hair is great. Short hair is where it’s at. We need more Disney princesses with short hair because it’s cute as hell.
Unfortunately there’s also a lot less to work with, so you can’t easily disguise a bad hair day with a pretty braid or bun. It’s all on display. And I get a lot of bad hair days…

So my hair could be described as a mix of medium and short. It’s to my shoulders and has choppy layers up to my chin. It also bounces right up to my chin when it’s natural. It may not be a pixie cut, but this is still big hair news for me. When I wake up in the morning, I can see my shoulders. It’s crazy dude.
Now you’ve ever seen celebrities chop off their locks to sport a bob cut, you may have noticed that they suddenly start texturising it a lot more – adding curls, backcombing it, and just generally playing around with it. The reason for that is simple.
It’s fun.
Oh and it also takes a lot less time than experimenting with long hair (winner of the most obvious statement goes to…)

My short hair adventures have only just begun, but here are a few things I’ve learnt in the short time I’ve had my ‘not quite bob cut’

1. Hairspray is your friend: Flat hair can look okay when it’s long, but not so much when it’s short. If you paid to have layers put in, you don’t want them to blend in to the rest of your hair. Lifting up your layers and letting them fall as you spray your roots can help it become evenly distributed through the strands. Then just scrunch your hair throughout the day to keep it big and bouncy (Yes you will be one of those people adjusting their hair in public, just own it).
2. Hair straighteners do more than straighten: Hmm, okay that sounded a little odd, but what I’m saying is that they can also help separate your layers from the rest of your hair, curl it under your chin, flick it out, and add a few waves. Experiment with your straighteners and please, remember to keep them clean. Even if they look spotless, oil and products can build up on them and cause those annoying kinks in your hair when you try to iron it. Just luke warm water on a towel, run over TURNED OFF straighteners is enough to clean it.
3. Short hair is more versatile than you think: Short hair has the advantage of being able to look cute one minute and then sexy and dramatic the next. With a few well placed curls to frame your face and the right makeup, you can look like you’re just about to frolic in the meadows, and then with a little hairspray, a dark lipstick and a bit of backcombing, you’re suddenly a vixen/femme fatale/bad ass/you know…one cool lady. Don’t feel that less hair means less interest.
4. Short hair is still feminine: Maybe you got your hair cut on a whim and now you’re regretting it. You’re missing braids and the way you could toss it elegantly over your shoulder. You’re missing the femininity of it and the ability to have ‘mermaid hair’ when it was freshly washed and glossy. But just remember, short hair can be just as fun and pretty as long hair. You can pin it back and the pretty clips won’t get hidden in your long mane anymore. You can curl and straighten it and it won’t take several hours. You can add hair accessories and you won’t instantly look like you’re trying to be a princess; and the best thing is that you don’t have to deal with any hair getting caught in your jacket zip anymore (that is never ever a good look).

Now whether you’ve been sporting short hair for years, recently took the plunge or are just thinking about a change, then I hope some of these tips helped. And if they didn’t, feel free to leave any tips you have in the comment section. I’m still learning so it’d be great to hear any suggestions. Peace out cuties (awkward fake hippy has spoken).


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