Nigel Cabourn and the strongest handshake in the world

Last Saturday it was still men’s fashion weekend, and I was up and about in London, getting lost in Covent Garden with a beautiful model who knew the area better than me despite not being a Londoner. It was a day where I realised I could walk in heels for six hours straight and not want to chop off my feet. I tried a matcha latte for the first time and after stating ‘it’s so green’ several times, decided that I liked it quite a lot (but wished it wasn’t £3 for a small). It was also a day where a nobody like me ended up at a Nigel Cabourn show and met, not only the designer of the women’s section, but the man himself. Let me run you through it lovely readers.

Nigel Cabourn is a clothing designer who does things a little differently. In the world of fashion, there are so many trends and new styles coming out that the moment you put something on it’s out of fashion, and you look like a noob. No one wants to look like a noob in the fashion world.
However, dear old Nigel decided that the latest trends and the idea of ‘modern’ clothes wasn’t for him. He decided that he’d take inspiration from history. With over 4,000 vintage clothes, that he’s collected over the years, it’s clear he knows his stuff. Historical figures and genres have been inspiration for his collections and this year was no different.
My friend and I stepped into his small London shop to an amalgamation of 1940’s RAF clothing and dapper dan chic. I was in love, and the wicker fighter plane hanging over my head was only adding to the joy.

Nigel Cabourn

This was tailoring at its finest. There was no messing around with quirky patterns or colours and you could see the quality even without touching the beautiful fabric. The clothes are either made in Japan or England and a lot of thought goes into the techniques used to create these items.

I wondered around the shop, taking photos here and there and getting fangirl-y star struck when I saw David Gandy standing two feet from me, looking effortlessly beautiful.
I went to the women’s collection downstairs and fell in love with a stunning sleeveless white coat which I wanted to rip off the mannequin and run away with. I spoke to the women’s collection designer and tried my first bottle of curiosity cola (it was a day of firsts).

Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn

Then, my friend and I were wondering what to do next we were approached by the man himself. He came over, smiled, and said in a cheery tone,

“Hello. Very sorry but, who are you?”
Good question.
After a slightly awkward introduction where I felt strange calling myself a freelance journalist, we began to talk about the collection. It’s rare to meet someone who is so modest about their creativity and success. It’s also rare to meet someone who has such a strong handshake that it actually makes you wince. Enthusiasm poured off him and even as we left, saying our thanks for the show, we were ushered in to have a photo taken.
That seemed to be the whole aura of the place though.

No snobbery, no showbizz, just quality.


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