Summer time…is frying my hair!

Ah summer is finally in full swing. It’s the time for sunglasses, ice tea and ‘egh do I really have to wear a bra?’ Showers are extra amazing, you’re suddenly aware that you have a lot more jumpers than cami tops and oh yeah, your hair goes totally crazy!

Now my hair has never been soft and silky and Pantene beautiful. It’s just not that kind of hair. It’s coarse and curly and thick. However in the summer it gets coarser and curlier and…okay it doesn’t get thicker, that would be strange, but it definitely gets frizzier.
And you may have noticed that with your hair as well. Locks that were once manageable in the winter are now getting frazzled and dry, and that great shampoo you used just isn’t working as well.

Weeelll, as you already know sun and hair aren’t the best of friends. They bicker and the language they use is atrocious. So here are a few tips to keep the sun from bullying your hair too much.

1.Change your shampoo
Your hair can get dry in the winter from the cold air and central heating, so you may use a moisturising shampoo. This is going to be too heavy for summer, and although your hair is dry it’s for a different reason and so needs to be treated differently. Try a shampoo that clarifies as well as adds in a little moisture such as Redken clear moisture shampoo. If that’s a bit pricey for you there are tones of other shampoos that will do the trick. It’s just about finding a less heavy weight shampoo that works for you.

2.Hair oils, it’s all about the hair oils
Did you know that your hair can get sunburnt? UV rays penetrate the cuticles and can cause frizziness and sometimes permanent damage. Protect your hair from the sun by using a heat protection hair oil. You can even get products that claim to be a ‘sun veil’ and are a little more lightweight. If you don’t like the idea of spraying your hair with more products or adding oils, there are after sun hair masks that can help alter the damage of UV rays and combat some of the dryness.

3.Water is the simplest medicine
Honestly, it may seem a no brainer but giving your body what it needs can be the best beauty cure. Keep your body properly hydrated and you’ll notice a change in your skin, your energy levels and your hair (all for the better I assure you). If you’re the type who forgets to drink, keep a bottle of water with you and you’ll probably end up finishing it without even realising.
You can also do the beauty guru Instagram gal thing and add some fresh fruit and herbs to your water to liven it up a little. You are just so trendy!

4.Invest in some headscarves
There are so many different headscarves all over the Internet so whatever your style there is going to be one for you. If you just want to laze around in your garden or the park, quickly wrapping a scarf around your head can product your scalp from the harsh sun, but also keep your body a little cooler.
When sun hats are just too big to lug around, try a headscarf.

I’m in the midst of finding a different shampoo but if I find one that works for me I’ll post a review of it (so any coarse haired beauties can try it out as well).
Hope everyone’s enjoying his or her summer so far. Don’t get burnt, don’t get heatstroke, and be sure to take lots of vain selfies. Enjoy yourself!


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