Smashbox Limitless Waterproof Liquid Eye liner Pen..phew..

There’re not many makeup items out there where I think,

“You know, if this were a person they’d probably cure cancer”

Oh you think I’m over reacting?

Okay I probably am. But I really like this product.

I’ve had the horror, the all-consuming pain, of creating the perfect winged eyeliner, only to find hours later that it’s transferred onto the top of my eyelid. Peering into a mirror and wiping away excess liner is not how I want to spend my day. Unless every time that happens I get a doughnut, or a kind and un-predatory compliment from a passing stranger. But that doesn’t happen!
I remember finding a good drug store liquid eyeliner that I thought was great. It had the felt tip pen applicator, it applied smoothly, and it was well pigmented. As I was wiping away the tell-tell marks it left on my eyelid, I told myself that most liners do this, and this was just something I had to deal with.

And I was wrong.

It was just a crappy eyeliner.

Now I have a good eyeliner, and I can never go back.

Yep, there was no reason to have a rabbit in the photo, but she's just too cute.

Yep, there was no reason to have a rabbit in the photo, but she’s just too cute.

She looks like a bread roll with ears

She looks like a bread roll with ears

Better closeup

Okay no bunny this time

It is so great in fact that I’ve had to text people about it. I’ve actually interrupted their work to tell them that my eyeliner is amazing. I’m turning into a vacuous girl who gets excited about a glorified sharpie – and I don’t care.

This eyeliner stays. It glides on easily so it doesn’t tug at your sensitive eyes, it’s pigmented so you don’t have to keep over lining it, its applicator is thin and precise, and doesn’t smudge.
I put this on at 7.30 for a night out. When I arrived home at 4, tired, weary eyed and ready for bed, I glanced in the mirror and saw with confusion that my eyeliner looked as perfect as it did when I applied it. Eight and a half hours on and it hadn’t even smudged.

I was worried that maybe I’d mistaken it for permanent marker and that I’d end up on the sidelines of Heat magazine,

‘Dumb woman goes to extremes for beauty’

It wasn’t a permanent marker though. It was just Smashbox at its finest.

If you’re looking for something that’s quality, buy this eyeliner. You can get cheaper drug store ones but I really think it’s worth splashing out for something that’s going to work well. If you want the best, buy this.

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