Everyday anime look

When I was nine years old all I wanted to be Sailor moon. It was 2001 and Sailor moon was my life. I’m not exaggerating. My day was meaningless unless Sailor moon was part of it. When I wasn’t watching Sailor moon I was dreaming about Sailor moon, I was testing to see if I maybe had secret powers, I was playing Sailor moon in the playground, I just wanted to be Sailor moon. I even remember praying to the fates that when I hit eighteen I would turn into Sailor moon.

Her nikname was meatball head.

But when I hit eighteen I was just the same spotty, fizzy haired girl I had been since I’d hit puberty. The fates are cruel.

I’m not any closer to developing magic powers, but with the help of makeup, I can look a little closer to an anime gal – even with my shoddy makeup skills.

Apologies about the photo quality. I want to get a new camera but…money. 

The look

Anime girls have a few key characteristics that define their look. Big (sometimes scarily big) beautiful wide eyes, a small nose and a tiny mouth that can stretch to crazy lengths depending on their mood.


I can’t help you with the mouth, but I can help you with the crazy beautiful eyes. The main thing you’re gonna need is white eyeliner. I didn’t want an over the top look, just to give a nod to the anime style. Something you could wear out without getting weird looks.

I am er..cute anime girl..not lanky 6ft lady

I’m a.. er..cute anime girl..not a lanky 6ft lady.


My resting bitch face. I'm sure there's at least one anime girl who got that as well.

My resting bitch face. I’m sure there’s at least one anime girl who got that as well.


Now I say guidelines because everyone is going to have different skin colours so certain eyeshadows won’t work with different people. This is what I do, and I’m a sallow skinned white lady.

  1. First I prep my skin. I’m honestly not a big fan of primers as I feel like my makeup actually slides off my skin more easily with this big layer of stuff on it. However I do really like the Witch skin clearing primer, as it’s not greasy and after a few minutes it’s absorbed into my skin, leaving it lavely and smooth so I can put on my concealer more easily.
  2. Which brings me to my next step. Concealer. Anime girls have perfect skin. Acne just doesn’t exist in the anime world. If anyone tells you it does they’re LYING. Clear skin is a must. If you have red blotches or angry spots like me, try using a lighter concealer to cover them first (you will look patchy, but bare with me), and then use your normal concealer. It just helps to boost the coverage, like painting a wall white before you add the colour. Yes, I just referred to your face as a wall.
  3. Dab on your foundation with a beauty blender. Seriously, get a beauty blender or a cheap copy. It is the best beauty purchase I’ve made.
  4. Add a small amount of bronzer to the size of your nose to make it appear thinner and dab on a little highlighter to the bridge of your nose.
  5. If you want to fill in your eyebrows keep it subtle. Bold eyebrows look great, but they don’t really go with the anime look. Unless you’re this guy.

    Don't...don't be this guy

    Don’t…don’t be this guy

  6. Now onto the fun part, zeee eyes!!! Get a eyeshadow that matches your skin colour and cover your lid with it. You will now look as though you have absolutely no colour to your skin at all. You are officially a mannequin. This is good.
  7. Take a light brown eyeshadow (or dark brown if your skin is darker) and smudge the outer corner of your eyes leading into the middle. Use a eyeliner brush to line just below your bottom eyelashes as well.
  8. Take a black eyeshadow and pat this very lightly over the brown. We don’t want a black colour, we just want to intensify the brown. Anime chicks don’t wear eyeshadow (unless they’re on a date. Seriously that’s like the only time they put on makeup), but we want to mimic the look of that big sweeping arch that covers the iris.
  9. Get your favourite liquid eyeliner (see the previous post for mine) and draw on a subtle catwing, bringing it down under your bottom eyelashes just a little.
  10. Now, get out your white eyeliner and cover your waterline. Your eyes will now look huge. Don’t freak out. Just roll with it. Maybe stare in glee at some cake or creep on some guy in the street. Just make sure there are some blossom or sparkles behind you when you do.
But try and pick nicer looking food to gaze at.

But try and pick nicer looking food than this gross looking pie to gaze at.

11. Add some gloss to your lips to finish the look. I used Vaseline because I’m basic.

And you’re done! Yay, sparkles! Your senpai is turning to look at your with a sudden new found appreciation for your stunning beauty, and what’s that? Yeah it sounds like you even have your own theme song. Good going!

You're a star! Everyone's looking at you like this. Even I'm looking at you like this.....I'm in your house.

You’re a star! Everyone’s looking at you like this. Even I’m looking at you like this…..I’m in your house.

So I hope you had fun. I’m not a professional makeup artist but I wanted to show that even someone whose lacking in makeup skills can experiment and have a good time.

Stay beautiful peeps!

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