Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser (phew)

I have a problem with moisturisers. It’s a real one, and it’s affected my family life. Every Christmas my grandma pokes me with her walking stick and demands why I haven’t found a ‘nice, well-packaged moisturiser to settle down with’.
My answer is always the same –
“Get off my back, I just haven’t found the right one.”
Then we sip our eggnog in stony silence.

Every time I’ve stepped into the world of moisturisers I’ve come out of it with greasy skin, breakouts, and a heavy heart, vowing that I am a woman who doesn’t need a moisturiser in her life. I’m strong, I have gentle cleansers. Why do I need to put more stuff on my face?

And then I found Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser, or Booty for short. Our first meeting was pretty standard. I frowned suspiciously at it before going, ‘well it’s on offer, and it’s not a cream one. Maybe it won’t break me out’
I had been suffering from dry patches even when my skin was at its oiliest and I thought that it was probably time to get a moisturiser.
Cream ones had been too thick for my skin and had always clogged up my pores, which made my skin extra oily – which meant I’d have to wash it more often, which meant it’d dry out faster, produce more sebum, and well, it wasn’t great.

I had always had good results with witch hazel, and, although I’m now obsessed with the Simple skincare range, before I found it I had used a lot of witch hazel cleansers with a fair amount of success. I assumed on that fateful day at the drugstore that witch hazel and tea tree might be a winning combination. I was right. I was absolutely right.

I should probably just skip to the romantic stuff. This gel moisturiser is fantastic. My skin has never felt so soft and clean. The tiniest amount cools and soothes even my annoyingly sensitive skin, and I use it morning and night, despite the fact it says it’s a day moisturiser (pah! I don’t follow the rules).

image (20)

image (21)

Standard weird posey shot with beauty product

It says ‘shine control’ and it means it. It’s also really helped manage my acne, and there have been times when I’ve put it on the night, before when I’ve had a few spots ready to appear, and when I’ve woken up the next morning (or afternoon) they’re not there anymore!

They’ve just vanished!

I have never used a moisturiser before that has been so good to me.

If you have oily spot prone skin I really recommend trying this out. I would say that if your skin is sensitive start out using it sparingly to see how your skin reacts. Tea tree especially can be quite strong so always make sure your skin can handle it.

For me, though, it’s been pretty grand. Booty, I love you, and I hope we can continue to have a loving and fulfilling relationship.

My grandma feels the same way.

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