Summer Scents: Smelling bloomin’ (groan) beautiful

I was putting on perfume this morning and wondering what I could write about today.
Can you guess what I decided on? I mean without reading the title?
This intro didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

I am one of the many people who feels that the changes in seasons also means the changes in the fragrances you wear. Winter and autumn to me means a more mature, richer scent with herbs like bergamot scattered in there for good measure. Summer is all about light fruity or floral fragrances – something that blends in naturally with the summer scents around you (and by that I mean flowers and freshly mown grass, not open drains and BO)

I’m a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to perfumes, and a bottle that costs £50 always seems unnecessary. Then when it comes to Christmas I’d much rather have a video game than anything else, so perfumes aren’t ever on my wish list.
However, I think that for summer especially, it’s nice to have a variety of scents to choose from, so a few cheaper perfumes can be a good choice.
So, enough with the rambling, here are a few of my summer favourites.

Soap and Glory Orangeasm

1.Soap and Glory Orangeasm Super Tonic Fragrance
This stuff…this stuff is my dream. Since I can remember I have always been in love with citrus scents, especially orange and lemon. When I was little I actually used to rub lemon juice and lemon balm leaves onto my wrists to try and get that scent to linger on me. But no more! This smells exactly like orange peel. I don’t know how they do it. Honestly, I don’t want to know what’s in it, but it’s heavenly. If you feel that’s a bit of an overpowering scent then don’t worry, because it subtly fades to a sweeter, lightly floral (but still orangey) scent.
It also comes in a huge bottle and is only £10. There is no wrong here.

Body Shop Fijian Lotus

2.Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette
I think it’s pretty hard to make a list of summer fragrances and not mention the Body Shop. It’s kind of the master of reasonably priced scents (which is possibly the most boring way I could have described them – sorry Body Shop).
I don’t go there a lot because on the whole I think they’re pretty overrated and, for a lot of their products, overpriced, but I do love this scent from their range.
To me it smells like sweet lemonade, a kind of delicate, refreshing and very youthful scent that is both relaxing and uplifting. It also fades well and has heart notes that are similar to one another, so you won’t put it on and half an hour later feel that you’re wearing a different fragrance. Perfect for when you want something delicate but still noticeable.

Lush Vanilla Dee-lite

3.Lush Vanilla Dee-lite
I don’t know why, but the perfumes at Lush actually make me a little nauseous. I know so many people who like them, but I think each and every one is totally overpowering and in simple terms just smells bad.
So er, you could say I don’t like them.
However what I do love from lush is their body lotions, and I feel that they’re so beautifully scented that they can easily replace a perfume.
I’m usually not a big vanilla fan but there are always exceptions. This body lotion just smells…fun. It’s hard to describe it any other way. It’s so sweet and delicious smelling that you can’t feel grown up putting it on (and sometimes that’s a very good thing). The best thing about it though is it doesn’t have that sickeningly sweet, slightly artificial scent to it, but a more natural scent – think how vanilla actually smells in its basic form.
It also happens to be a pretty decent moisturiser so that’s a good plus as well.

DKNY Be Delicious4.DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum
Are you starting to feel that I like fruit scents? This perfume is a golden oldie, and I remember being a teen and watching the advert for it, where the woman steals an apple from a market stall, boldly bites into it, and then walks off without paying.
The scent, the packaging and just the feeling when you wear this perfume are so linked to summer that it would feel odd to wear it in any other season. It’s fruit, crisp, light and fun. Unless of course you just really don’t like apples…

Versace Bright Crystal5.Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette
I know I know, expensive. I’m going back on what I wrote before, but honestly, this scent is so lovely I would fork out £50 for it…if I had £50 on hand.
All the previous scents have been more fun and youthful, but this one is all about sophistication. The middle notes are floral, but the musk base note grounds it and keeps it from smelling too, “Oh my god Tracy, I think that cute guy is looking at us!”
Do you get what I mean? There’s an elegance and sophistication to this light scent, and I recommend spritzing a little on yourself if you ever pass by a tester. See for yourself if you think it’s worth the money.

Hopefully for anyone looking for a new summer scent you got some ideas, or at least ideas of brands you could look at. The interesting thing about perfume is that it can smell different on different people as it mixes with our natural scent. This means that even if you’re buying commercial brand fragrances, you’re still going to smell unique as well as beautiful, so don’t worry about the price, just pick what suits you best.


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