Beards Glorious Beards

I discovered yesterday that I have a bearded follower. Hello bearded follower, warm welcomes to my blog. Having learnt of this I decided that a post on beards was essential. There may also be those of you who have a bearded boyfriend, husband, best friend, or a mix of the three, and you may well want their beard to be in tiptop shape.

Here are a few tips to keep your beard buoyant, beautiful and lush enough to make a grown woman (or man) swoon.

First of all, your beard is more like the hair on your head than you think. It can get split ends, knots, and silently beg for moisture. Unfortunately pouring head and shoulders onto it isn’t going to do the trick. Luckily with the growing popularity of groomed facial hair, there’s a wide collection of beard oils and balms to choose from.

So, what to pick? If you’ve got more of a statement beard that really likes to pop then beard oil is the product you need. Beard oil acts as a conditioner and can be applied after you wash your face when the pores are slightly open. This really helps the product soak into the skin and hair follicles, to give maximum benefit. Lots of beard oils also add in a little scent so you can choose to have your beard beautifully perfumed. Ahem, I mean, you’ll smell very manly, not beautiful, not beautiful at all.

Most beard oils will contain:
Jojoba oil: This stuff is closest to your skins natural oil that gets washed away when you wash your face. You need this oil, so replacing it is top priority to stop your skin from getting dry and itchy, and just bad.
Sweet almond oil: This oil is used in pretty much every natural skin and hair care product. It does a stellar job at smoothing frizz and helping deal with split end. Your beard wants almonds. Give it what it wants.
Argan oil: This has been hailed as a miracle oil for hair on your head, but it also works pretty darn well for hair on your chinny chin chin. It’s great at de-tangling your beard and will help soften your skin without making it greasy.

Now onto balms. Balms are good at giving a little hold to your chin locks, as well as adding smoothness to the hairs. If you’ve got a manageable stubble then balms are not really necessary, but if your beard is getting a little out of control then a balm is a perfect way to keep it in line.

Most beard balms will contain:
Shea butter: Shea butter is used in a lot of body moisturisers as it’s great at soothing dry skin. It’s important to keep your skin moisturised so you don’t get flakes coming off and getting stuck in your beard. That is never a good look. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals, which is never a bad thing to give your skin.
Cocoa butter: This is what helps the beard keep its shape. It coats the hair follicles as well as helping to reduce breakage. If you’ve got naturally oily skin then use with caution as cocoa butter isn’t great at letting the skin ‘breathe’. Still, it’s a necessary component in beard oil to tame those flyaway.

And finally, for those beard that just won’t stay down, that rise up midday to shout to the world,
“I am a beard! And I will stick out in all directions! No one may stop me!”
We have beard wax.
Beard wax will tame that sucker.
It’s not really there to moisturise your beard, so if you’re trying to make your hairs softer then it’s best to use a mix of products. Beard wax will however shape your beard easily and keep it in place until you wash it out.

Most beard waxes will contain:
Beeswax: Yep, they put it in candles, but you can also put it in your beard. Beeswax is great because it can easily melt down but solidifies quickly to give your beard hold.
Coconut oil: This stuff not only smells great but adds a little hold and moisture to your beard. So when coconuts aren’t falling from trees and killing people they’re helping to make your beard look great. Isn’t that nice?

So hopefully you’ve learnt a little more about beard care. I know I have. While doing research for this article I came across some amazing online store that sell great looking beard care products. I would share all of them but this article is long enough, so instead I’ll just share this one. Look at the packaging!

So be proud of your beard and take good care of it. There’s no excuse not to.

Note-Beard products will not work on drawn on beards, no matter how sexy

Note-Beard products will not work on drawn on beards, no matter how sexy they are.


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