5 beauty products I couldn’t beauty without

What do you mean my title doesn’t make any sense? You don’t make any sense!

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

For those of us who couldn't afford a beauty blender

For those of us who couldn’t afford a beauty blender

Ever notice that sometimes your foundation can look a little streaky when you apply it with a brush? Perhaps you find that you have to use a lot of product to get decent coverage, and you don’t get the desirable natural finish that a lot of us are after? If so, trying out this beauty blender, or ‘weird pink sponge’ as I first named it might be a good idea.
It transforms the way my makeup goes on, and I even use it to put on concealer as it presses the product onto your skin to make your skin look as naturally flawless as possible. The shape of the blender means that there’s no chance of it leaving lines and streaks, and helps get into the difficult areas of your face, like the corners of your eyes.
It’s also so easy to clean, and only holds a little foundation each time, so it doesn’t kidnap your makeup like brushes can do.

2. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

'1 second' is er..debatable

Like the beauty blender, this is a fairly old product in the beauty universe, but I still feel it deserves a mention. I paint my nails a lot, and I honestly don’t think I would unless this was part of my nail care collection. It may be bright pink, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it.
So first off I should say that obviously this doesn’t remove your varnish in one second. If the solution was that strong it would probably burn off your finger as well, and I get the feeling no one wants that.
However, compared to the old school method of cotton wool and bottles of nail varnish remover, this is still an amazing time saver. You just stick your finger in, wiggle it around and you’re good to go (I didn’t mean that to sound so filthy). I wear four layers of varnish most days and it takes all of that off in about ten seconds, so that’s less than a minute for each hand. To me that’s pretty ace, and I’m never going back to bottled remover again.

3. Headbands

I have no idea why she's covering her eye...

I have no idea why she’s covering her eye…

“Headbands, how boring!” you say, and to that I say, “Well yes, you’re right, but they’re also incredibly useful.”

If I didn’t have one of these little suckers, washing my face every morning and evening would be beyond irritating. The front of my hair would be soaking wet and already beginning to curl, and no amount of tying my hair back would stop those pesky little short hairs from escaping and trying to stick to my face.
If you don’t have a headband I honestly don’t know how you manage, and assume that you must know some kind of dark magic to keep your hair out of your face. The Korean market has even tried to make them look cute by adding oversized bows to them, so….that’s nice…if you like bows.

4. One really good red lipstick

Okay I realise this is pretty general, but I think it’s something that is needed in any makeup kit. It’s a sort of unchallenged rule that red lipstick suits ever woman, you just need to find the right shade to suit your colouring. On the whole a cool red is best for pale skin and a warm red is best for darker skin. This is of course just what the beauty world says, but if you feel comfortable and confident in a lipstick, then it doesn’t matter what shade it is, it’s the right one for you.

5. Nail files

nail files

There are many essentially inoffensive things that annoy me. People who make hearts with their hands in pictures, the fact that certain games and DVDs are region locked, and most recently, when I have crappy, uneven, unshaped nails.

To me almond shaped nails are the most elegant shape, but for other people they might prefer a square nail, stiletto, oval; there are many different shapes to choose from. The main thing they have in common though is that they need upkeep, and when your nails have got just that little bit too long or out of shape, the product you don’t want to be without is a nail file.
There are a few things you should remember when it comes to nail files though.
• Don’t use metal files. They are the most damaging to natural nails and are the most likely to weaken or even break the nail as you’re filing it.
• The higher the grit the softer it is. Never use a file that has a grit lower than 100 on natural nails. It’s just too mean and rough.
• The best grit to use on natural nails is 180 to 240

Annnnnd that’s my list. It’s personal to me so I’d really like to hear what you would have on your own list. Hair products? A natural face mask you make in your kitchen? A beauty drink? Or maybe just a song you love to do your makeup to? (I used to listen to skillet when I was at uni)

Anyway, I have just got back from Brussels with a tone of chocolate, so I’m off to eat half of it. Wish me luck!


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