Acne scars and no cash

Hey you, have you ever heard of this condition where you don’t have enough money to buy really expensive makeup? It’s a pretty serious one and I’ve heard people all over the world have it, regardless of what it seems like on Instagram.

I am one of those people suffering from it and let me tell you, acne scars can be a pain in the bum to cover up with drug store products. However, I’m not here to write a depressing article, no. I am here to show you that even the most difficult skin can look loads better with just a little time and care. We’re not expecting photoshopped goodness, but you won’t need a mac foundation to feel pretty.
This will be a bit of a long one so feel free to skim or…you know, not read it at all 😦 I’ve attached links to the products so you don’t have to go through Google.
Okay, let’s get started!

This is my face. I’ve had it for years. The nose sticks out a little too much for my liking but that’s what happens when you inherit your dads genes. (ignore the weird bunches, I’m trying out a heatless curling style that may or may not work)

Egh, no makeup

Egh, no makeup

So first off, primer. I like to swap between two depending on how my skin is. If I’m having a day where I have a lot of new spots and (egh) open acne wounds then I use witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer. This stuff is great for sucking up excess oil and can help keep your spots at bay. It doesn’t leave your skin the smoothest however so I like to mix it with some facial oil to help it out. The second is Maybelline Baby skin instant pore eraser. This leaves your skin feeling so smooth and a little goes a long way. However it builds up a slight barrier so if your skin isn’t great and it needs to breathe, I’d stick with the witch stuff.

Now onto concealer. I am very very pale, but in a sallow skinned Draco Malfoy kind of way, so I find it pretty hard to find a concealer that matches my skin tone. Because of that I tend to only dab on concealer where my spots are the reddest and meanest, and for that I like to use witch concealer. It’s good for spot prone skin as it has vitamins added in and aloe vera which helps out sensitive skin, however, and there is a big however, this brand isn’t the most multiculturally friendly and only comes in one shade. If you have darker skin then you could try Sleek MakeUp Corrector And Concealer Palette. It comes with a corrector, a concealer and a setting powder, as well as coming in five different shades, and for only £8.

Now onto foundation. Oh boy do I hate foundation shopping. Trying to get the perfect colour match is really tricky, especially in the artificially lit shops that you buy them in. The one that I’ve settled on (for now) is the Bourjois radiance reveal healthy mix foundation. It goes on smoothly, it’s very build-able and it comes in eight different shades so you’re bound to find one that suits you. It also smells really great, kind of like fruit yogurt, so I always like applying it.

So, bronzer. I feel like the main rule when it comes to bronzer is the paler you are, the less you use. You do not want to look like a oompa loompa. Little at the top of your head, under your cheek bones, and along your jaw line. Done. Perfect. I use Soap and Glorys solar powder (huh huh, do you get it?) which is pretty great and gives me the perfect amount of glow.

To set it I use Rimmel stay matte which does its job perfectly and doesn’t get cakey even if I top it up during the day. For darker skin you could use No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder. I always trust No7 stuff because they don’t try to be too flash, they just focus on making the product good.

Phew, we nearly done? What’s next? Mascara! And sorting out eyebrows. I use Maybelline Great lash. It is my favourite. My sister used to use it when she was a teen and my tweenage self could only think, ‘egh, why is it green and pink?’ Now I see the light. This stuff is good.
Then I use some Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner. A lot of people were surprised just how good this actually is, but if you need a new eyeliner I’d give this a go.
I am rubbish at pencilling in my brows so I always use Maybelline Brow drama when I want to look like I actually have eyebrows. It’s really simple to use and doesn’t break the bank.

Oh, and then for lips I just add on a layer of Nivea fruity shine in cherry and we’re good to go.
Finally, my face is complete.

Yes, the spots are still there...

Yes, the spots are still there…

..but we're still happy

..but we’re still happy









Now obviously some spots are still visible (the horror!) but overall even cheap drugstore products will do the job, and although I’d love to get my hands on some mac concealer, I think I’ll stick to my cheap mascara and primers. They’ve served me well, and I can afford to buy them again and again.

Edit/added/extra bit: Whilst writing this article I found it really difficult to find good makeup that wasn’t eye-wateringly expensive for darker skin. I asked my friend and she sent me a few links to makeup brands specifically for darker skinned beauties. Some don’t ship internationally but I thought I’d add the ones I hadn’t mentioned previously.
Black Opal Makeup
Sasha Cosmetics
blackUp cosmetics
Fashion Fair
Hue Noir
Aida Cosmetics

So go out there and whatever skin tone, look beeeeautiful 🙂